Adolescent Mothers Affected by HIV and their Children


Adolescent Mothers Living with HIV and Their Children

At ICASA in December 2019, Dr. Elona Toska on the experiences of adolescent mothers affected by HIV, sharing data from two studies in South Africa.

Tackling exclusion: Strengthening SRHR among pregnant adolescents & adolescent mothers

At the Coalition’s Learning Session in December 2019, Dr. V. Chandra-Mouli presented on the maternal health service utilization of adolescent women in sub-Saharan Africa.

What is being done to support adolescent and young mothers affected by HIV and their children?

At the Coalition’s Learning Session in December 2019, Dr. Chewe Luo and Laurie A. Gulaid of UNICEF presented on the evidence, interventions and gaps in efforts to reach adolescent mothers affected by HIV and their children.

HIV Health & Broader Considerations for Adolescents and Their Young Children

In a  recent presentation, Coalition Member, Professor Lorraine Sherr, addresses the complex experiences of HIV positive and HIV-exposed but uninfected adolescents and their young children.

Deliver an Integrated Approach For Children & Adolescents Affected by HIV and AIDS

We are failing in our global ambitions to tackle HIV and AIDS and their impacts on children and adolescents. Integrated approaches – those that combine biomedical, social and economic support – are proven to be the most effective way of enabling HIV-affected children and adolescents to survive and thrive. This briefing identifies what action donors, policy makers, implementers and advocates must take in order to deliver an integrated approach to children and adolescents.

Adolescent mothers affected by HIV and their children – understanding and meeting their needs in our HIV response and global commitments

This background note outlines the current evidence on the experiences of young mothers affected by HIV and their children, the impact this has on how well they do across HIV-specific and SDG-related indicators, and solutions that may deliver improvements across several HIV and SDG targets simultaneously.