Supporting HIV Affected Children Amidst COVID-19

The Coalition is committed to sharing resources for supporting HIV-affected children, adolescents and families amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Deliver an Integrated Approach

We are failing in our global ambitions to tackle HIV and AIDS and their impacts on children and adolescents. This briefing identifies what actions donors, policy makers, implementers and advocates must take in order to deliver an integrated approach to reach all this population.

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Congratulations to Reaching All Children Grant Winners

The eight winners are helping to reach all children at risk of being left behind in the HIV/AIDS response.

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In sub-Saharan Africa, three in four new HIV infections are among girls aged 15–19. Many of these HIV positive girls become pregnant, experiencing greater inequality, violence, psychological distress, discrimination, poverty, and stigma. In our new video, hear directly from these young mothers.

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About Us

The Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS (the Coalition) is a unique group of global donors, UN agencies, NGOs and independent experts working together to help children survive and thrive.

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A Conversation with YLabs on Award-Winning Social Protection Project in Rwanda

Last year, the Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS and ViiV Healthcare’s Positive Action awarded $40,000 in grants to eight organizations that could show how the use of social protection… Read More

COVID-19 IMPACT: An Interview with Dudu Dlamini about HIV-affected sex workers

In a recent post, the Coalition interviewed Miriam, our young mother Ambassador, about the impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic on her family. Today, we are sharing our conversation with another… Read More

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