We cannot end AIDS without addressing the needs of children and adolescents. Their ability to start free and stay free of HIV is the cornerstone of ending AIDS by 2030. Yet, none of the recent global HIV targets for children and adolescents were met. Indeed, progress has slowed, halted and, in some cases, reversed. HIV continues to affect millions of children and adolescents worldwide, and its impact is growing. 2.8 million children and adolescents are living with the disease, and every day around 850 become newly infected. A further 15 million children face challenges due to perinatal exposure to HIV. And many more millions of children and adolescents – both HIV positive and negative – are grappling with the impacts of the disease. These include, poverty, orphanhood, sexual exploitation and abuse, early childhood development delays, poor mental health, violence, stigma and of missing out on education. Children and adolescents experiencing poverty and exclusion are being left behind by the response. This includes, adolescent girls, adolescent parents affected by HIV and their children, the children of key populations, and other groups affected by poverty and discrimination. COVID-19 has exacerbated the inequalities children and adolescents face. And made it harder to address them. And the setbacks in HIV service delivery caused by COVID-19 will take additional time and resources to restore. Download our Strategic Framework here.

Key Reading:

  • Strategic Framework: Find out how we are working to positively shape global policy affecting children and adolescents in the response to HIV, health rights and equity issues.
  • Donor Policy Report: How much funding is going to children and adolescents, where, on what and what are the gaps?
  • Policy Recommendations: Realising the rights of children and adolescents at the 2021 High Level Meeting on HIV
  • Advocacy Messages: At the heart of important discussions that use scientific evidence to re-energize commitments and actions needed to achieve the Global targets to end AIDS by 2030. These are available in FrenchPortuguese and Swahili.
  • COVID-19 Policy Briefing: Prioritising Children, Adolescents and Caregivers Affected by HIV in the COVID-19 response
  • Our open letter to governments and donors on inclusion and Universal Health Coverage
  • Frequently Asked Questions about the Coalition and its mission