Celebrating Lynette Mudekunye

As REPSSI’s Psychosocial Forum 2021 takes place, we celebrate Lynette Mudekunye and congratulate her for a lifetime’s work helping children and adolescents affected by HIV.

Lynette Mudekunye is a highly valued member of the Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS (The Coalition).  After many years of working in Eastern and Southern Africa, Lynette is soon to retire. The Members and friends of the Coalition wish to thank her for the outstanding contribution she has made.

Lynette has worked with the Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative (REPSSI) since 2010, in several capacities including as Deputy Executive Director, Advisor, Head of Social Business Development and Acting CEO.  She has participated in the development and roll out of the Teachers’ Diploma in Psychosocial Care, Support and Protection; has supported the growth of the Regional Psychosocial Support and Mental Health forums; and supported program development and monitoring regionally and at country level.

Prior to this, Lynette designed and delivered programs for children with Save the Children UK, South Africa and Zimbabwe, with the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, and with the National Development Agency (in South Africa). Lynette was also the founding National Coordinator of the Farm Community Trust of Zimbabwe.  Her work has involved close collaboration with many stakeholders including governments, civil society and academic institutions.

Lynette, long time rights defender for children and a true stalwart in the children’s HIV sector. Her guidance and wisdom, her kindness, solidarity, loyalty and service to others will continue to inspire and motivate. Wishing Lynette much joy in her well-deserved retirement.” Luann Hatane, Executive Director of PATA and Co-Chair of the Coalition 

Lynette has a passion and a vision for children.  She is a tireless worker and has dedicated so many years of her life to the wellbeing of children.  She is a champion of psychosocial support.” Lorraine Sherr, Professor of Clinical and Health Psychology, University College London and Member of the Coalition.

“It has been an honor to work with Lynette. She has taught us all that good mental health and psycho-social wellbeing are the foundation upon which all else is achieved.  She has shown us what we can all do to support vulnerable children and adolescents affected by HIV enjoy their right to love, care and protection. And she has been a joy to work with.” Corinna Csaky, Manager of the Coalition 

“Her extraordinary commitment to serve every child in Africa and beyond is such an inspiration that motivates most to act and serve with greater passion. There is never a task too big for her. “We have to punch above our weight” is one of her favourite statements. She is affectionately known within REPSSI as ‘Pambili’ (we keep moving), a slogan which she signs off her emails, encouraging everyone to soldier on to make mental health and psychosocial wellbeing a reality for every child and young person. Thank you Lynette for sharing your knowledge and experience. Your expertise in this field has shaped so much of our thinking. You have run a good race. I hope you get to enjoy this time with your grandchildren.”  Brighton Gwezera, Head: Advocacy and Behaviour Change Communication · REPSSI

REPSSI continues its mission to lead in innovative Mental Health and Psychosocial Support interventions that transform policy and practice for girls, boys and youth in Africa to reach their potential. REPSSI’s Psychosocial Support Forum, takes place 13th – 15th October. The Coalition is delighted that its young mother Ambassador, Miriam Hasasha, will be speaking on 14th October at 9.30am EAT about why we should put #YoungFamiliesFirst