Seeking a Communications and Administration Adviser


Established in 2004, the Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS ( is an independent group of 27 thought leaders from across the UN, NGO, academic and private sectors. We work together to identify and promote what works to enable children (0-18) impacted by HIV and AIDS to survive and thrive across the HIV targets and the Sustainable Development Goals.  Communications is a key part of our work: we advocate at the global level via social media campaigns; virtual and face-to-face events; our dynamic Ambassador programme; and powerful communications products describing how children and adolescents affected by HIV and AIDS can be best supported to overcome the challenges they face. 

The Coalition is looking for a Communications and Administration Adviser to provide the Coalition with 45 hours per month support on a long-term consultancy basis.

To apply please email your CV, and a cover letter outlining what you think the Coalition should be focusing on for its communications strategy in the next year; how you meet the selection criteria; and your monthly rate.  Please also include at least 2 samples of work for which you were the only or principal contributor, and the contact details of 2 references.

Send applications to recruitment consultants, The Right Ethos,

Deadline 30th September 2020.



The incumbent will work closely with the Coalition Manager to support the communications and administrative functions of the Coalition Secretariat.  These range from managing the Coalition’s social media feeds, designing communications products, and supporting the organization of travel, conferences and events.   More generally, the incumbent will advise the Coalition Manager on strategy – what kind of communications activities would be most strategic and impactful for achieving the Coalition’s advocacy objectives.

Below is an approximation of all of the activities involved in this role and their associated time commitment.  Please note, the ebb and flow of this work will vary across the year in line with peaks of activity.  This may mean that some months require more time than others. However, the overall balance will equate to 40 hours per month across the year, and compensation will remain consistent.

COMMUNICATIONS (38)                                                                                                                        

  • Work with Coalition Manager to maintain a dynamic twitter feed (13)
  • Generate social media shareables/toolkits (approximately 3 per year) (1)
  • Update website content (1)
  • Design 1 Newsletter per quarter, and send out to our list-serve via Mailchimp (1)
  • Design Ad-hoc Eblasts (approximately 1 per quarter), and send out to our list-serve via Mailchimp (1)
  • Support the Coalition Manager, Members and other key stakeholders to create blogs, and use your contacts and initiative to place them in key online media platforms (e.g. Huffington Post, online journals) (approximately 1 per quarter) (1)
  • Design advocacy briefs – including info-graphics, (approximately 2 per year) (1)
  • Ad-hoc special projects. E.g. occasional redesign of the website; video editing; supporting our Ambassadors to draft their presentations; design of occasional brochures and other conference materials; helping to manage webinars (10)
  • Produce monthly communications metrics report monitoring engagement with our twitter feed, website, YouTube channel and any other Coalition products. (.5)
  • Attend a fortnightly call with Coalition Manager (2)
  • Attend a monthly WebEx call with Coalition Members (1)
  • Read key Coalition documents (E.g. monthly agenda and supporting documents) (1)
  • Emails to/from Coalition Manager and Members (2)
  • Very occasional ongoing support E.g. Add new videos to the Coalition’s YouTube Channel; resolve minor IT issues; update our list-serve on gmail; source more images from Coalition Members and / or Getty Images Etc. (.5)
  • Manage the Coalition’s general email address (via Gmail) (1)



  • Manage all conference registrations (approx. 1 per year)
  • Book catering and meeting venues (approx. 1 per year)
  • Support all travel arrangements for delegates sponsored by the Coalition
  • Manage the electronic storage of Coalition files
  • Schedule ad-hoc meetings on behalf of the Coalition Manager
  • Arrange for the printing, shipping and storage of hard copy communications materials for conferences and events


Terms of Engagement

The Communications and Administration Adviser will report directly to the Coalition Manager, Corinna Csaky. This is a home-based consultancy position.  There is no major geographical limitation to where the incumbent is based.  However, they must be available during working hours for others in the Coalition (especially for the UK, US and Africa).  The incumbent will be responsible for invoicing the Coalition each month.  No other expenses will be covered, unless we request travel on behalf of the Coalition.  We anticipate this being a long-term arrangement so please only apply if you are able to commit to this.  We are offering between £250-300 GBP (approx. $334-400 USD) per day depending on experience.


Selection Criteria:


  • At least 8 years experience of designing impactful communications strategies that have led to demonstrable increases in online engagement.
  • Extensive knowledge of using social media platforms, including Twitter and YouTube
  • Proven experience in building a social media following
  • Familiarity with social media impact monitoring tools, such as Hootsuite and Google Analytics.
  • Extensive knowledge of website management tools, including WordPress.
  • Very familiar with Mailchimp, Gmail, Hotmail and other email providers and tools.
  • Extensive design experience, with proven examples of impactful design work for which you were the sole or lead contributor.
  • Very familiar with virtual meeting platforms such as Webex, Zoom and Skype.
  • Experience of leading the technical aspects of hosting a webinar or other virtual meeting
  • Experience in writing blogs and strategic contacts in online media platforms in which to publish them.
  • Has strategic contacts in major global media outlets (E.g. Major newspapers; Huffington Post Etc.)
  • Very familiar with Excel, Word, Adobe and other common word processing platforms.
  • Highly organized and resourceful with a proven ability to coordinate travel, hotel, meetings, printing, shipping, catering and other administrative arrangements.
  • Proven ability as a self-starting, home-based consultant, with experience of distance management.
  • A proven ability to be flexible at work and embrace new challenges with a positive attitude.
  • Excellent communications and people skills with a proven ability to forge positive working relationships with colleagues and other key stakeholders.
  • A Masters or higher qualification from a reputable university
  • Fluency in English
  • The ability to make a long-term commitment to working with the Coalition for at least 3 years
  • Has provided a similar service to that described in this call for proposals, with at least two references who can attain to this experience.


  • Knowledge of HIV global policy and advocacy issues affecting children and adolescents
  • Professional training in design and / or communications technologies
  • Experience of working for an international NGO lobbying in Washington and/or Geneva
  • Video editing experience
  • Has published impactful copy