I Believe in Myself

I am the mother of a bubbly 2-year-old girl. I see myself as beautiful, resilient and friendly. I will strive to get everything I need in life – for me and for my daughter. I have been rejected, accused and negatively perceived to hate myself. But today I am eager to set goals for the future. I will complete my secondary education, pursue a career, and acquire everything a dreamer can do for herself. I recognize amazing friends and good relationships with my family. And most of my days are full of happiness. 

I can really attribute my happiness and encouragement to my grandmother (Gogo) “Maria” who believed in me and trusted my judgment. She gave me the gift of “believing in myself”.

When adolescents become pregnant, they need the space to express their thoughts and decisions. This could be the first time they have had to make big and important decisions.  Show them love, and trust. Support them in whatever they decide. Parents – never assume that you know best.

Let young mothers show you what they’re capable of. They can surprise the world regardless of their HIV + status. Enable young mothers to become good parents. Respect them, and appreciate their decisions.

Click here to find out more about the #YoungFamiliesFirst campaign and how to get involved.