Presentations from “Children and HIV: Family Support First” symposium in Vienna, Austria on July 16-17 2010

Presentations are listed below in alphabetical order by first name of presenter. All files are in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format.

Adam Aluisio
Male partner participation in prevention of parent-to-child HIV transmission: Current evidence and future needs

Aka Dago-Akribi
Dimensions psychologiques de la prise en charge familiale de l’adolescente vvih

Amandine Bollinger
How communication can lead to change: giving girls a safe space to speak through a Stepping Stones programme in Uganda

Andrew Tomkins
Scaling Up Cash Transfer Programmes for Support of Vulnerable Children and Families – some challenges and opportunities in Africa

Brenda Yamba
Children As Carers: Implications for Early Childhood Development

Brittany Ratelle
The State of Legal Protection for Children in Informal Foster Care

Caroline Kuo, Don Operario & Lucie Cluver
Caring for AIDS-orphaned children in a South African community with endemic HIV: Who are carers and what challenges do they face?

Christopher Mulela
Matero Care Centre: An Innovative Model for Providing Care to HIV Positive Children

Connie Tinka
Children With Disabilities and HIV/AIDs – Family Support First

Diane Lusk & Sarah Dastur
Implementing Community Measurement – Results and Rough Spots from Kenya

Douglas Lackey
Challenges of intergenerational relationships between older carers and children orphaned by AIDS in eastern and southern Africa

Douglas Webb
Outcomes from a Child Focused Economic Strengthening Programme in Ethiopia

Eddy Eustache
Research, Policy and Practice: Child Protection in Haiti

Elizabeth Mwenya
PMTCT Family Based Approach

Fadzai Mukonoweshuro
Improving nutrition for caregivers and children in difficult circumstances: Promising strategies, Southern Africa

Felix Rwabukwisi Cyamatare
The Pediatric HIV Disclosure Process: Experiences from Rwanda

Firelight Foundation
Making M&E accessible to CBOs

Georgina Bukenya
Advocacy Toolkit

Gill Garb
Education and Family-Centered Care

Guy Vanmeenen
Never Too Poor To Save: Savings and Internal Lending Communities (SILC)

Hyacinth Kulemeka
Targeting households to reach vulnerable groups – Lessons leaned from the Malawi Social Cash Transfer Pprogramme

Jeanne d’Arc Muhongayire
Youth Heading Households – How communities can best support them to care for children affected by HIV and AIDS

Joe Walker
StreetAction – What about when there is no family? Children in emergencies and armed conflict

John Francis Oketcho
Strengthening Families for Provision of Quality Services to Children Affected by HIV and AIDS in Uganda

Katya Burns
Family-Centered Services to Reduce HIV Infection among Women Who Use Drugs and Their Children

Kimberly Green
Family centered care management for vulnerable children in Viet Nam: Practices and tools

Kimberly Green
Putting the quality into care: Making a measurable difference in children’s lives

Leah Berkowitz
Reflections on Holistic Programming for Young Children – Snapshots from CARE’s experience with ECD in East and Southern Africa

Lorraine Sherr
Distinct Disadvantage

Lucie Cluver, Frances Gardner & Stephan Collishaw
Mental health resilience amongst AIDS-orphaned children in South Africa

Lucie Cluver, Caroline Kuo & Malega Kganakga
Parenting, disability and HIV/AIDS: Understanding impacts on children in AIDS-affected families

Lydiah Lugazia
Three In One – Kwa Wazee’s Strategy of Cash – Transfer PLUS

Marine Adamyan
Children of Especially Marginalized Groups – World Vision’s Experience in Family Centered Approaches

Mohlala, Boily & Gregson
Optimising the Impact of PMTCT of HIV in South Africa: The Forgotten Half of the Equation

Ngagne Mbaye
Providing comprehensive care for children living with HIV: Lessons learned from a low prevalence country

Nguyen Ngoc Trieu
Male involvement in PMTCT – Challenges & Opportunities for intervention in Viet Nam

Nicoleta Manescu
De-institutionalisation of children living with HIV/AIDS in Romania

Olga Dudina
Children affected by HIV in Eastern Europe: out of orphanages and into families

Patrick Godana
One Man Can: Supporting men to meet the needs of children affected by HIV and AIDS in Nkandla and Mhlontlo

Philippe Msellati
From MTCT to Family Centrerd Approach … A long road

Réjane Zio
Grandir – A newsletter on pediatric HIV in Africa

Sankaran Vijayakumar
The Tamil Nadu Family Care and Continuum Program (Sep ‘05 – Dec ‘08)

Shannon Senefeld & Carrie Miller
Strengthening the Family to Protect Girls and Change Gender Norms

Susan Strasser
“There is no me, just we in the elimination of pediatric HIV”

Susan Strasser
Training health care workers to discuss the hard stuff with children and families

Tamsen Rochat & Zitha Mokomane
Adoption in Africa: Socio-cultural and economic determinants of attitudes towards fostering and adoption in South African families

Theresa Stichick Betancourt
Family-Centered Approaches to the Prevention of Vertical Transmission of HIV

Theresa Stichick Betancourt
Protective Processes and Resilience in Rwandan Children and Families Affected by HIV/AIDS

Thulani Earnshaw
Bantwana Initiative – Providing Solutions at Scale for Vulnerable Children in Sub-Saharan Africa

Tom Fenn
Eliminating Vertical Transmission: The Need for Strengthened Community-Facility Linkages

Tomaida Banda
What if there is no family?

Toyin J. Aderemi
Vulnerability to HIV infection among intellectually impaired and mainstream learners in Nigeria: parents have a role to play

Wairimu Mungai
Grass root approach: Mobilizing the invisible for Family Adaptation and Resiliency to the Impact of Disease and Poverty

Xiaoming Li
Care arrangement and psychosocial well-being of AIDS orphans – Evidence from rural China