The children of key populations affected by HIV and AIDS are being overlooked and excluded. They face a double burden: both the affects of HIV and AIDS and entrenched exclusion by way of association with their parents. Stigma against sex workers, people who use drugs, transgender people, gay men and other men who have sex with men is leaving their children without education, health or protection. Broader social and economic development interventions, including those seeking to prevent and address the affects of HIV and AIDS, are not reaching these children. And targeted interventions for key populations are not addressing the needs of their children. They are a priority for any organisation seeking equitable development both within and beyond the HIV and AIDS sector

In conjunction with 10 other expert organizations, the Coalition recently completed a two year project to define the specific issues and challenges experienced by children of key affected populations. To summarize our findings and outline key action items, we produced the Making Children of Key Populations a Priority for Equitable Development brief.
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