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Ethical Decision-Making

“Difficult Decisions” is an ethical decision-making tool and guidance for care workers.  Available at in English, French, Spanish and Russian, it is accompanied by orientation slides and a handy… Read More

Time to Step Up

Ending the HIV pandemic is possible, but to do so, we must act quickly and recognize that the needs of children—the most vulnerable among us and unable to advocate on… Read More

Journal Articles

“Children born into families affected by HIV” A special issue of AIDS, Volume 28 – Supplement 3 (July 2014) “Community action to end paediatric HIV infections” A special issue… Read More

Websites of Interest

Zambia: Don’t ignore the children of sex workers Article from Plus News, Monday 24 January 2011 UNICEF documents on children and HIV/AIDS UNAIDS documents on eliminating new HIV… Read More