Time to Step Up

Ending the HIV pandemic is possible, but to do so, we must act quickly and recognize that the needs of children—the most vulnerable among us and unable to advocate on their own behalf—include but go beyond ending the spread of HIV and finding a cure.

For children, urgent steps are required including:

  • Better integrating strategies to reach this population into regional and national plans;
  • Providing the care and support needed to ensure optimal development; and
  • Scaling up treatment, prevention and access to services—for children and their carers.

Read more in a new call to action co-authored by the Regional Inter Agency Task Team on Children & AIDS and the Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS.

Read the full report: Time to Step Up

Read the executive summary: Time to Step Up Executive Summary

Find out more about the eight calls to action:

Scale up access to PMTCT

Scale Up Paediatric Testing

Increasing Treatment Access

Provide Social Protection

Invest in Early Years

Strengthen Linkages Between Child Protection & HIV Services

Intensify Treatment & Prevention for Adolescents

Strengthen Support for Primary Caregivers & Community Level Care Providers