Harnessing momentum to achieve progress for children & adolescents affected by HIV

*This article was originally published on the Alliance website.

The Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS has put forth recommendations to address these complex challenges. During this pivotal year, it is calling upon governments and donors to:

Broaden funding parameters to invest in multi-sectoral collaboration, such as joint planning, information sharing, case management, staff and systems, and referral mechanisms. This will ensure that young people like Leye have access to comprehensive HIV prevention, care, and treatment.

Balance universal supports with targeted investments in children and adolescents living with and affected by HIV, including social protection, early childhood development, and psychosocial support. This requires long-term investment in the health and wellbeing of people like Leye, so they may realize their full potential.

Decentralize systems by directing more resources and powers to communities and community-based organizations. By financing programs on the local level, organizations can respond directly to the specific needs of each community, while also reaching the most marginalized people in society. This means young people like Leye and their children can access preventive, curative, and rehabilitative services – at the quality required to be effective – without being exposed to financial hardship.

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