The Coalition Launches a New Advocacy Toolkit

The Coalition has launched a new toolkit to support Coalition Members and colleagues and prepare for forthcoming advocacy opportunities in 2021, including the REPSSI Psycho-social forum (12 – 14 October), the PATA Summit (1 – 3 November); International paediatric HIV symposium in Africa (17 – 18 November); and ICASA (6 – 11 December). It is a consolidation of the most recent advocacy products, produced by the Coalition and its Members.

Advocacy Campaign to support Adolescent Parents Affected by HIV. It’s time to put #YoungFamiliesFirst.
Adolescent parents affected by HIV and their children are a critical and growing population that need more support if we are to end AIDS and achieve many of the Sustainable Development Goals. The Coalition, together with the READY movement (PATA, REPSSI, Frontline AIDS and Y+) have created a host of advocacy and communication materials championing the voices of adolescent parents. These materials and the people who created them, are available to anyone championing programming and policy change for young families affected by HIV.

Quotes, blogs and videos. These profile the voices of adolescent parents and those working alongside them
Advocacy Agenda with recommendations for donors, governments, civil society, families and
Social Media Toolkit with 7 shareables to help you raise awareness
Template Advocacy Letter so you can write to your government or community representative
Champions Network – Join now to be a part of this new community of advocates. Get regular updates
Programming Resources to help deliver support to families
E-signature for you to add to your emails
Speakers – If you require a panelist for your event or activity, we can support you
● Detailed personal testimonies from Miriam Hasasha – a young mother from Uganda; Tariro Kutadza – a young mother in Zimbabwe; and Dudu Dlamini – a sex worker activist supporting young mothers in South Africa.

Reach All Children Positive Action Challenge – Award Winning Social Protection Projects
In 2019, the Coalition and ViiV Healthcare’s Positive Action awarded $40,000 to eight organizations from low or middle-income countries with proven examples of how social protection can improve HIV outcomes in children and adolescents. Each winner received $5,000 to produce either a scientific article, case study or video. We now have a plethora of advocacy materials including eight videos (3 minutes each approx), produced by the Coalition; a brochure summarising each innovation; as well as all the materials generated by the winners themselves. In particular, the Zvandiri programme in Zimbabwe has created several short videos, each of which could serve as a powerful case study for an advocacy or learning event.

Below are the eight videos the Coalition produced in which each winner presents their innovation.
These, and all other materials are available on the Coalition’s website here. These were showcased
during a Webinar co-hosted by the Coalition on Harnessing Social Protection to Improve HIV Outcomes in Vulnerable Children and Adolescents on 25 February 2021. Watch the webinar here.

Africaid Zvandiri (Harare, Zimbabwe): Promoting HIV and social protection outcomes among children, adolescents, and young people through the engagement of peers in a national HIV sensitive case management system. Watch the video here.

Brewin Foundation (Zigoti, Uganda): Using Economic Adherence Support Groups to improve retention and viral suppression among children and adolescents living with HIV and AIDS. Watch the video here.

Center for Development and Capacity Building (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia): Mobilizing HIV Positive mothers and their babies for prevention of mother-to-child transmission services in Oromia Regional State of Ethiopia. Watch the video here.

YLabs (Kigali, Rwanda): Combining peer-led financial literacy training and social transfers to promote medication adherence and retention in care among adolescents with HIV. Watch the video here.

Catholic Diocese of Ngong (Ngong, Kenya): Helping orphans and vulnerable children using the case management approach to improve the resilience of families affected by HIV and AIDS. Watch the video here.

University College London (London, UK): The impact of cash-plus-nutrition on child cognitive
outcomes in South Africa and Malawi. Watch the video here.

Cheer Up (Kiambu, Central Kenya): Household Economic Strengthening for improved HIV prevention, treatment, care, and support. Watch the video here.

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (Washington, D.C.): Bread of Life: A family-focused, asset-based approach to addressing barriers to retention in care and sustaining HIV care and treatment outcomes for people living with HIV, which includes children and their families, through community-driven livelihood interventions in the Lowareng’ak Health Centre, Turkana County, Kenya. Watch the video here.

COVID-19 Policy Briefing: Prioritising Children, Adolescents and Caregivers Affected by HIV in the
COVID-19 Response
COVID-19 is having catastrophic and lasting consequences for millions of children, adolescents and
caregivers affected by HIV and AIDS. The Coalition has published a new Policy Briefing that includes 9 Calls to Action – so we can act now to prevent those already made vulnerable by HIV and AIDS from being further impacted and not lose precious gains made. Read the COVID-19 Policy Briefing now. The Coalition has also produced a social media toolkit with copy and imagery to help Members raise awareness.

For those of you preparing slide decks, see here for a slide containing the logos of the Coalition for
Children and Affected by AIDS and here for a list of our Members.

Download the advocacy toolkit here.

The Coalition Secretariat is here to work with you. If you would like more information, please contact Ashton Josephs, Communications Adviser: