Children and HIV: Start Early, Start Now! – Integrated Interventions for Young Children Born into HIV-affected Families (Melbourne, July 2014)

Presentations from the symposium “Children and HIV: Start Early, Start Now! – Integrated Interventions for Young Children Born into HIV-affected Families”, Melbourne, Australia, July 19-20 2014

Presentations are listed below in alphabetical order by last name of presenter. All files are in Adobe Acrobat PDF or zip format.

Rapporteur Summary

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Start Early Start Now Melbourne Symposium Final Program

Banda, Blessings
PMTCT and Pediatric HIV Care Integration in Rural Malawi

Blackett-Dibinga, Kendra, Nicole Richardson & Colleen Farrell
The Essential Package

Boyes, Mark & Lucie Cluver
Stigma mediates the relationship between HIV/AIDS orphanhood and symptoms of anxiety and depression in South African children: A four year follow-up study

Britto, Pia Rebello
Opening Plenary Remarks

Charasika, Farai
World Education Inc./Bantwana PMTCT & HIV Prevention Early Childhood Development Interventions

Charasika, Farai
The Integrated Management of Paediatric AIDS Care and Treatment Approach (IMPACT) in Zimbabwe

Cluver, Lucie
Developing and testing evidence-based child abuse prevention programs for AIDS-affected families in LMIC

Desmond, Chris
Modelling the consequences of adult HIV for dependent children

Drivdal, Svetlana
Integrating ECD counseling for caregivers of children 0-3 into health facility and community-based health services in Mozambique

Earnshaw, Thulani
Leveraging Existing Community Structures to Reach HIV-Affected Children in Early Childhood with Care and Support Services

Ell, Michelle & Catherine Honeyman
Playgroups – a promising approach for vulnerable young children in Rwanda

Farrell, Colleen
Expanding Knowledge through ELearning

Gill, Michelle
Pregnant and early postpartum women’s experiences and perspectives on the acceptability and feasibility of the Mother-Baby Pack for PMTCT in Lesotho

Grimwood, Ashraf and Barbra Matasane
Socio-Economic and Impact Mitigation Entry Points to Early Interventions in Children Affected by HIV

Gupta, Neil
Integration of HIV-Exposed Infant Services in Rural Rwanda

Iorpenda, Kate
Opening & Closing Remarks

Kabati, Mary
Establishing and Sustaining Community Based ECD Programs through Micro Finance Synergy

Kellerman, Scott
Challenges to the Global Plan for Elimination of Pediatric HIV

Menke, Jack
Survive and Thrive: 2 years into Hilton ECD Program

Mohammed, Fatuma
Meaningful Engagement of the Muslim Community for ARV uptake through PMTCT

Mudekunye, Lynette & Brighton Gwezera
The Role of PSS in the Care of Children with Disability in HIV Affected Households

Mupambireyi-Nenguke, Zivai
The Third Generation: A mixed method study exploring the clinical and social context for children born to HIV-perinatally infected mothers in Harare, Zimbabwe

Otieno, Teresia
Using Evidence to Advocate for Our Young Children

Richter, Linda
Overview of The Road to Melbourne

Richter, Linda
Perspectives from the scientific study of children’s development

Rochat, Tamsen et al
Champions for Health: Supporting children’s development during hospital admissions

Rollins, Nigel
Early Life Opportunities to Improve Survival and Health of HIV Exposed Infants and their Mothers

Rudolph, Norma
Policy for young children in the context of AIDS: strengthening the capacity for advocacy

Shaikh, Najma
Kheth’ Impilo – Community-based Early Childhood Development Outcomes in HIV Affected Households in South Africa

Sherr, Lorraine
Psychological Effects of HIV on Early Childhood Development

Skeen, Sarah et al
Child Development in the presence of HIV – data from Child Community Care Study

Skeen, Sarah for Mark Tomlinson et al
Home visiting by community health workers improves outcomes for mothers/infants over three years

Sugandhi, Nandita
Improving on HIV Free Survival: Impact of HIV Exposure for Children Born HIV Negative

Tefera, G. and Mekonnen, B.
Building Foundation Reflections: Reflections from USAID’s largest OVC program

Tefera, G. and Mekonnen, B.
Complete ZIP file of their Yekokeb Berhan for HVC Program presentation

Thumbadoo, Zeni
Isibindi Early Childhood Development Program

Tiam, Appolinaire
Collecting routine infant feeding indicators – a pilot study in Lesotho

Uwihoreye, Chaste
Researching the Linkages between Social Protection and Childrens Care in Rwanda

van Heerden, Alastair
Project Masihambisane – Clinic-based peer support by women living with HIV

Weve, Martine
Integration of economic strengthening to support the youngest children affected by HIV

William, Rachna
Linking HIV – exposed babies to HIV services through existing Health Programmes (Tamil Nadu)