Children and HIV: Closing the Gap – Ending vertical transmission through community action (Washington, July 2012)

Presentations from the symposium “Children and HIV: Closing the Gap – Ending vertical transmission through community action”, Washington, D.C, USA, July 20-21 2012

Presentations are listed below in alphabetical order by last name of presenter. All files are in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format.

Bachman, Gretchen
How Early Childhood Development Can Support a Pathway to Better Health Outcomes for Mothers and their Young Children

Bachman, Gretchen & Moran, Mary
Integrating Early Childhood Development into PMTCT Services

Benon, Orach Odora & Bormann, Sita Michael
Prevention of mother-to-child-transmission in a Positive Prevention (PHDP) context among youth in Northern Uganda

Betsch, Carol
Traditional Midwives Training in Health Reproduction and HIV Prevention in the North West of Cote d’Ivoire

Chandisarewa, Winfreda
Promoting the rights of infants and young children infected and affected by HIV and AIDS – Experience from urban Zimbabwe

Chikwinya, B.J.L. et al
Strengthening District Capacity to Rapidly Scale Up PMTCT Services in Zimbabwe – The District Focal Person Approach

Desmond, Chris
The Cost of Inaction – The Global Economics of Community Action to End Vertical Transmission of HIV

Gwarinda, Shunga
Harnessing community capacities – integration & scale-up of the Mentor Mother Model

Igboekwu, Chukwumuanya
Using Mobile Clinics and Referral Support to Increase Access to PMTCT Services for Women and Children in rural Mashegu, Niger State

Irakoze, Ange Anitha
Family Centered Approach in PMTCT Program, Rwanda, 2005-2011

Kariuki, Roman
Youth At Entrance

Kellerman, Scott at al
Evaluating the Impact of Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV (PMTCT) in Malawi

Kiragu, Karusa
Promising practices in community engagement

Kujinga, Tapiwanashe
Community Mobilisation for PMTCT in Zimbabwe

Lee, Stephen
Ending Vertical Transmission through Community Action

Luo, Chewe (presented by René Ekpini)
Ending Vertical Transmission of HIV through Community Action

Management Sciences for Health
Use of community referral networks in increasing access to HIV testing and counseling

Moran, Mary A.
Holistic ECD – Effective Models and Their Importance

Mtambalike, Tatu
Improving the continuum of care by promoting male involvement in PMTCT in Nzega District, Tanzania

Muffih, Tih Pius

Mushavi, Angela
Zimbabwe’s Efforts to Scale Up and Integrate Community Support With Medical Services to End Vertical Transmission

Mwangi, Anne Wangechi
Uptake of HIV Testing by male partners of Antenatal mothers at Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi

Nakabugo, Goretti
Peer Support Groups for HIV+ Adolescents – A key Strategy to Address Vertical Transmission – A Case of TASO, Uganda

Ngongo, Ngashi
Ending mother to child transmission through community action

Nsanzimana, Sabin et al
Evolution of the PCR-DBS in the PMTCT program in Rwanda (2007-2011)

Nyirenda, Maynard
Improvement of PMTCT through Combined Therapy and Physical Tracking

O’Brien, Philip D.
Ending Vertical Transmission Through Community Support

Okatcha, Kathleen & Danda, Simon O.
Not Just Mothers engaging other Caregivers in ending Vertical Transmission in Budalang’i Division, Busia District, Western Kenya

Omotoso, Olokunle
Increasing Access to and Uptake of HIV Testing, Counseling and PMTCT Services among Women in Purdah in Resource-Limited Settings of North East Nigeria

Onyango, Topista Auma
Not Just Mothers – Engaging HIV positive mothers and traditional

Pasada, Daniel Magesa
The Role of Community Mom to Mom Volunteers in Bringing More Pregant Women and Lactating Mothers to PMTCT Services

Phelps, B. Ryan
Community interventions and PMTCT – the other “p”

Positive Action for Children Fund
Role of Community in eMTCT

Richardson, Jeff
Scaling up PMTCT to Turn the Tide on Pediatric HIV Infections

Riba, Velephi
Making it Personal – An approach to sexuality, gender, sexual and reproductive health and rights for HIV prevention

Rollins, Nigel
The case for community action in ending vertical transmission of HIV

Shadaya, Fortunate
HIV Testing and Treatment for Children – Involving Communities and Families

Schroeder, Andrew & Lee, Stephen
Mapping the Global Determine PMTCT Donation Program

Sinkala, Moses
CMMB’S Community Action in Closing the Gap

Vitillo, Robert J.
Where is the child in the campaigns to end vertical transmission, what will happen to us now

Were, Edwin
Increasing Uptake of PMTCT in Western Kenya Using Client-Initiated and Provider-Initiated Counseling and Testing