Presentations from “Children and HIV/AIDS: Action Now, Action How” symposium in Mexico City on August 1-2 2008


Presentations are listed below in alphabetical order by first name of presenter. All files are in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format.

Abisheck Musonda
Peer Prevention Strategies – A Case Study of Community Youth Mobilisation

Ahmed Hussein
Process of Developing the National Plans of Action for OVC in Kenya

Ana Escalante
History of a Comprehensive Care Model for HIVAIDS orphaned children and youth living in a permanent shelter in Mexico

Andrew Kiboneka
TASO Paediatric ART program and Child services

Andrew Tomkins
What do Faith Based Organisations Do and Achieve for Orphans and Vulnerable Children?

Angelica Valenzuela
Raising the Profile of HIV Affected Children and Meeting their Needs Today

Anne Lindeberg
Front line organisations and Institutions Growing Stronger Through Evidence-based Practice

Betty Juma
Speak for the Child – Supporting Young Children Affected by HIV and AIDS – Findings, Efforts, Impacts and Costs

Bill Philbrick and Pamela Youngs
Implementing a Comprehensive ECD Model – Findings from Africa

Busi Nkosi, Joan Marston and Eunice Garanganga
Palliative Care for HIV Infected and Affected Children

Carmen Elena Portillo
Incidencia Juvenil en VIH SIDA

Catherine Wilfert
Early Identification of Infected Children Including the Youngest in Need

Choub Sok Chamreun
Practical Guide Working with Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Cambodia

Chris Desmond
Cash Transfers – Sharing the Load – Who Carries What?

Christopher Ngwerume
How Zimbabwes Umbrella Funding has Reached Families and Communities

Christopher Ngwerume
Improving the Coordination of NGO and State-Run Services in Zimbabwe

Connie Malega
Best Evaluatied Frontline Programs – A Government Perspective with Lessons from South Africa

Constance Nyamukapa
Psychosocial Distress in Orphans & Vulnerable Children in Zimbabwe

David Goetghebuer
Patient Support for Children Living with HIV/AIDS

Douglas Webb
Enhanced Protection for Children Affected by AIDS – Development in Social Protection

Douglas Webb
Presentation on Malawis experiences with social cash transfers systems

Eddy Perez-Then
Ecological Model Population-Based Approach to Achieving Equity, Solidarity and Gender Sensitivity in the Dominican Republic

Eleanor Ann Nwadinobi
Models of Protecting and Supporting the Girl Child

Fabienne Hejoaka
Sharing Perspectives from the Field – Disclosure to Children

Health and Development Networks
Symposium Review by Key Correspondents

Helena Huerga
Good Immune Restitution but Unsatisfactory Viral Suppression in Children on ART in Western Kenya

Helene Gayle
Standing Up for Children – Their Needs, Our Responsibilities – CARE

Hoosen Coovadia
PMTCT – A Review of the Past Two Years and the Way Forward

Jackson Thoya
Plan’s Enhanced Protection for Children Affected by HIV and AIDS – Lessons and Best Practices from the Field

Jane Chege
Closing the Gap – What are the Strategies to Bridge the Gap Between Policy, Research and Front-line Organisations?

Jane Chege
The Best Evaluated Programs – Improving the Wellbeing of Children Affected by HIV and AIDS

Jeff Balch
Association of European Parliamentarians for Africa: Parliamentary Action to Secure Early Childhood Rights

Jodie Fonseca
Promoting Community-Based Early Childhood Development – Practical Ideas and Tools from Mozambique

Jorge Pinto
Global Challenges with Pediatric Formulations

Juan Garcia Bonilla
Ideas Jóvenes, Acciones Jóvenes, Cambios Reales

Kanika Bahl
Funder-Civil Society Dialogue on Capacity Building – Clinton Foundation

Karen Day
Pediatric ARV Formulations and Regimes – Still More to Do

Leah Berkowitz Nchabeleng
CARE’s Experience with Cash Transfers

Lily Hailu
Education for All Framework – Dakar 2000 Commitments – Will We Make It By 2015?

Lucie Cluver
Young Carers for AIDS – Unwell Adults – Developing a Support Programme in South Africa

Lynette Mudekunye
Why Care for Children Through Schools? – The South Africa Experience

Mandla Mazibuko
Reducing Exploitive Child Labor in Southern Africa – Save the Children Swaziland

Margaret Irvine
Supporting Families Psychosocially – The Context of Children in South Africa

Maria Mabetoa
Community and Family-based Alternative Care Options for Vulnerable Children in South Africa

Marine Adamyan
World Vision’s HIV Response for Children in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Mark Connolly
Supporting Low Prevalence Countries – Human Rights First – Access for All

Martha Holly Newsome
Findings from a Child Protection Assessment in the Context of HIV and AIDS in Six African Countries

Martha Holly Newsone, Vivi Stavrou & Edwinah Orowe
Skills-building Session on Adult-Child Partnerships – Lessons Emerging from Consultations Leading up to the RIATT conference “Getting It Right for Children”

Martha Mukaminega
Providing Complex Regimens for PMTCT in Rwanda – Challenges and Lessons Learnt

Mary Tangelder
Beneath the Mask – Evaluation of The Teresa Group’s Leading the Way Support Program from 1998-2006

Maxwell Matewere
About Malawi, About Eye of the Child and About Legal Protection for Children

Michelle Adato
The Case for Cash Transfers – Why Countries Need to Implement Right Now

Miriam Chipimo
HIV Prevention Through Life Saving Skills Education in Malawi

Moira Ngaru
Farm Orphan Support Trust of Zimbabwe’s Work with Children affected by HIV and AIDS

Mulugeta Gebru
The Experience of JeCCDO’s in Deinstitutionalization of Orphanages

Nathan Nshakira
Eliminating Service Bottlenecks – Examples of Getting Non-Cash Resources Down to Families and Communities

Nicol Cave
Soul Buddyz Club and HIV Prevention

Palesa Mphohle
Advocacy Work on Children by Local Organisations and Their Challenges

Pam Picken
The Kusaselihle Integrated Early Childhood Development Initiative in Nkandla, South Africa

Patrice Engle
Psychosocial Care and Treatment for Young Children – Lessons from National Plans of Action

Paul Schaper
Building a Global Solution – Abbott’s Commitment to Pediatric HIV Treatment

Paul Zeitz
What is Advocacy and What is Activism?

Petronella Nyamapfene
How Can In-Country Advocacy Efforts for Children Better Be Supported by the International Community?

Petronella Nyamapfene
Legal Issues Emerging as a Result of HIV AIDS in Zimbabwe

Rachel Yates
“We’ll Always Have Paris” – Aid Effectiveness and the Children Affected by AIDS Response

Rachel Yates
Implementing Cash Transfers – Key Issues, Successes & Challenges

Rafiki Callixte
Street Youth Work by Les Enfants de Dieu, Rwanda

Rodrigo Olin
Peer Education Among Youth in Mexico City

Rouzeh Eghtessadi
Placing Children in the Visibility Zone – a SAFAIDS Approach to Children and HIV Advocacy

Sheila Countinho
Improving the Coordination of NGOs and Government-run Services in Uganda

Sheila Tlou
Political Commitment For an HIV-Free Generation – The Botswana Experience

Sirkka Ausiku
Namibian National Plan of Action for Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Stuart Kean
National Responses for Children Affected by AIDS – Review of Progress and Lessons Learned

Sue Goldstein
Soul Buddyz Club and HIV Prevention

Susan Fox
NGO Code of Good Practice Self Assessment Checklist on Children and HIV

Svitlana Oleksiyenko
Psycho-Social Support for Children with HIV/AIDS in Ukraine Through Day-Care Centers

Tamsen Rochat
Evidence, Practice and Funding – What’s Filtering Up, What is Not and Why Not?

Tania Boler
Strengthening the Role of Schools as Centres of Care and Support

Tomaida Banda
Strengthening the Care Environment of Young Children – Using ECD as An Entry Point

Tshiwela Neluheni
Scaling-up Pediatric Treatment in South Africa

Usa Duonsaa
Community Support to Asian Children

Usha Vatsia
Evidence Review of Child and Youth Participation in Programming for Children Affected by HIV and AIDS

Vineeta Gupta
Global AIDS Response and Low-Prevalence Countries

Vivi Stavrou
Models of Child Participation – Ways to Strengthen Adult-Child Partnerships at International and National Levels

Wairimu Mungai
Disclosure – A Fundamental Component in Pursuing Rights of Children Affected by HIV and AIDS in Kenya

William Oscar Fleming
Early Childhood Development and HIV Programming – Evolving Strategies and Models

Yussuf Ayami
The Faith-based Response – Zambia Interfaith Networking Group on HIV AIDS

Zebib Kavuma
What Has Worked – Inter-faith Collaboration and Coordination